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Theatrical Skills & Experiences

Decades of experience in managing and owing live theatres, programming, writing, directing, producing, play making, and improvisation for all ages. Served as Executive and Artistic director of several not-for-profit theatre companies (501c3) and manager, producer, & owner for several for-profit companies. Writes grants and restored historic theatres.  Continues to work for my former theatre companies and direct musicals, plays, perform murder mysteries and present children’s theatre workshops. Specific skills and areas of expertise: 


§ Created seasons of performance & activities  § Produced & directed over 200 productions

§ Consulted with board to identify and recruit new members § Attended committee meetings & created agenda

§ Created Master plan (Business & Feasibility studies) § Created budgets; income & expense projections  

§ Developed Theatre for Youth programs & camps  § Implemented administrative policies & procedures

§ Wrote the Production Manual for theatre operations § Wrote & administered Grants & sponsorships

§ Created fundraising strategies  § Created “Risk Management Plans”

§ Produced high quality plays, musicals, comedies, etc. § Trained producers, directors, technicians & actors

§ Maintained corporate documents, minutes, documents  § Created cash management & ticket sales programs

§ Updated and modernized website § Hired outside directors & technicians

§ Attended industry meetings & workshops § Presented workshops of Am. Assoc. Comm. Theatres

§ Trained front of house volunteers (Ushers, cashiers) § Created marketing & promotion strategies

§ Negotiated contracts for large rentals & other uses  § Developed TV show & play readings 

§ Directed, choreographed & designed scenery, lighting, sound, costumes and props for musicals & plays

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"Mr. Warshauer is truly a treasure. He can produce, direct and choreograph any show but more importantly, he teaches us all how to be better at all the parts & pieces known as Community Theatre." 

GS, Wheaton, IL

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