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Thank you for visiting my "official Site." I have been very fortunate in the arts and in business! 

Paul Warshauer is a wonderful asset for any community. He can save historic buildings, write business plans, produce & direct plays and/or musicals, write original murder mysteries, work with kids to create original shows in hours, and conduct board training for any organization. He is comfortable in both the business and arts worlds.

By Michael Gordon, Chairman, AE Enterprises

To reassure business contacts, friends, and associates, I have taken this liberty to include comments and references from people (their comments in orange) I have worked with along the way in the Arts and in business. Here are some references, testimonials and a discussion of "that other site." 

I have known Paul Warshauer since 1970 where we both worked at Camp Waupaca. For many summers I watched as Paul created plays, programs and activities out of thin air. He took topical themes and made 4th of July pageants for the campers and staff, Many of them contained characters from film and the news. One play had Rambo saving the American Revolution, another explained how fireworks became attached to the 4th of July...

He arrived as Zeus to open the Camp Olympic program on a para sail, jet ski and hovercraft, and as Paul Revere on the 4th of July to wake the camp, (on a horse).

He directed me in a clever play written by one of his Northwestern buddies, "Oz Patrol." The play set out to solve the case of the murder of the Wicked Witch of the East by Joe Friday and Bill Gannon of Dragnet. I played the wicked witch and Mr. Warshauer directed us admirably. He has a knack of making every child feel important in his productions

His creativity abounds especially in the workshop or informal class setting. I know he taught theatre, English, speech and film appreciation at several high schools and appears to have done very well with the junior and senior high school kids as well. 

I attended a full production of "South Pacific" when he was the Artistic Director at the Ross Ragland Theatre in Klamath Falls. The program said he produced & directed the musical but it was clear he was also the heart and soul of the production. He told me that the show cost $25,000 and by closing the show had generated $64,000 in sales. 

Mr. Warshauer is therefore the consummate theatre professional, writing, directing, producing, teaching, adapting, mentoring  and loving every minute of his work. 

By Mike Lurie

Many people who search for information about me and type "Paul Warshauer" find one website that appears to contain nothing but negative leaning comments and old lawsuits against me and some of my former company affiliations.  My attorneys and I have tried to contact the "owner" of that site and he does not appear willing to take down the site or modify it in any way. Although I cannot be sure, it appears this person was a disgruntled former employee who was terminated for cause and has actively pursued this vendetta.  The last entry is over ten years ago!  That site has cost me some business and some contracts but for the most part, people who know me ask questions and are satisfied with my explanations.  So here is my official reply. 

 "I WAS THERE!" Most of us have life moments when we can brag about some big event or historical moment we got to witness which makes us the envy of others. Sports championships, celebrity citing, concerts of popular artists . . . while I have none of those, here's one I do have: "I was there as a volunteer when NUACT went from a community theatre group to a profound and impactful regional theatre organization consistently performing and creating outstanding productions." And the creative vision for this less-than-2-years transformation must go almost entirely to Paul Warshauer, current Executive Director. Yet, the NUACT Board of Directors deserves a huge fist-bump for stepping out with Paul to learn if being a *regional* theatre group could be accomplished. Together, they have built something most New Ulm-area residents never would have guessed they would say, "I WAS THERE!"

By Mark Santelman, Owner/broker agent at Santelman Insurance

The page www. paulwarshauer dotcom is NOT my official website. I know that it is hard to believe but there are several "Paul Warshauers" in the United States. My favorite one lives in Alaska and became a pen pal to my stepmother when AOL was first created. 

​ One theory is the site is operated by another "Paul Warshauer" who received many inquiries when Grande Venues was in the real estate development business from 2004-2007. 

There were lawsuits from different individuals that have all been settled. This site does NOT mention the very successful projects we embarked upon.  He apparently got angry and has kept this site up for years. He is clearly malicious. My friend and attorney Steven Jampol in Atlanta tried to get him to cease and desist but he replied that he would sell me the site for $6,000. We have not heard from the owner despite repeated requests.

Paul never fails to amaze me in everything he does. I can honestly say that Paul is one of the very few people in which I would gladly participate in any event or deal, even if I am but a bystander watching from afar.  I encourage anyone with a desire for success to look to Paul as a valuable and powerful player.

By Matt Fairfield, Director of Marketing at Evolution Computers

For the record:

I have no judgments against me or any of my former companies at this time. Any judgments that were filed have long ago been settled (public records attest to this.) I have never committed a felony or been charged with any manner of fiscal malfeasance, corruption, bribes, or graft. In the real estate development field, as the old expression goes, “you must break eggs to make an omelet.”  Not all of the private contracts, arrangements or dispositions of development projects are public so blogs and unanswered allegations occur on sites that allow ANYONE to post comments. 

Paul is a great guy. He has a wonderful energy level, and he really knows how to lead a team in order to produce superior results. Paul has the type of personality that draws people to him, and yet he also has a great depth which he applies to whatever he is working on.

By Frank Scaramuzza, MBA, PMP, Senior Business Analyst - Manufacturing and Distribution at Pregis

This is my official website. ( I am starting to “refute” the allegations made on that other website. I have an active Facebook page , To view my professional profile please visit: Linked-In. There are many references and recommendations. Feel free to contact them. 

Paul Warshauer is a man of many talents. In my years of working with Paul, as a reporter doing stories about plays and other cultural events and, later, as an actor in playshe directed and/or performed in, he was always enthusiastic and well-versed.. During his years with the Ross Ragland Theater, Paul produced several excellent productions, working with budgets that ranged from $18,000 to $25,000, and all showed a profit. Several were memorable - "South Pacific," "Man of LaMancha," "Guys and Dolls," "Follies" among them. Paul also had an ability to take raw local talent - adults and teenagers - and genuinely direct them into creating theatrical magic. Unusually, he was never heavy-handed and always open to ideas that benefited the productions. Along with actors, he trained local stage crews, lighting and sound designers, and worked with the Ragland's board of directors - not always an easy task - in teaching them the nuances of creating a production. With his dynamic and sparkling personality, Paul is certainly a unique, unforgettable individual.

By Lee Juillerat, Reporter, Herald & News, Klamath Falls, OR

​​My formal real estate development website is Grande Venues although I must confess that I have done little real estate development since coming to New Ulm. This Middle School project in New Ulm, Minnesota is the most complicated project other than the $50 million Uptown Theatre in Chicago. I plan to retire in Oregon where my son is purchasing property and has promised me a place “to grow old.” 

Great Results comes from Great Leadership Theatre Management in the Chicagoland market is one of the most challenging environments to allow quality artwork to thrive. Mr. Warshauer, however, has always been driven by the desire to see performances that have an impact on their audience. This vision held true during his tenure serving the Uptown Theatre, as well as his time at various theatres around Chicago. Indeed he made a meaningful impact on the people that he met along the way by driving development of rundown theatres, and putting quality programing into theatres that were prepared to serve their audiences. I offer Paul Warshauer my highest recommendation.

By Benjamin Garvey, National City Bank

There is mention on that bad site about lawsuits regarding the Uptown Theatre, the Liberty Paramount Theatre, and the Wheaton Grand Theatre. That site does not mention the GOOD that I did with those theatres. I am happy to show my work on those and many other projects including the Zoe Theatre, The Portage Park Theatre, the Ross Ragland Theatre, the Jefferson Street Theatre, State Street Theatre, and others. 

I worked with Paul on a large scale community project and could not be more impressed with his creativity and thoroughness. He will be an asset to any project team where he is involved. 

By Don Bric Owner,

Prior to coming to Minnesota, my last venture was the historic Masonic Temple Building in Grand Island. I am very proud of my work to move the building off the square one and have Verizon put cell phone antennas on it. I bought the building from the aging Masons and stabilized it. I created the blueprints for the building to move forward. The city would not help me with fire escapes or parking so I let the building go into foreclosure. The project is now looking at some real money to begin the restoration. This week the project was approved for Tax Incremental financing. Much more needs to be done but the building will finally get some action. Here from an Omaha newspaper. I know and so do many others, that my work made the development possible. 

One of the projects I am proud of is my work with Camp Waupaca. The camp operated from 1966 until it was sold in 1988. 

Paul is a creative , energetic, and organized leader. He has significant experience in the Camp counseling, where he led many successful programs in theater, arts and sports over decades of summer camps. He was well liked by his peers and campers alike, who enjoy his humor, his can-do attitude and his "out of the box" approach to the overnight camping experience. He has carried this approach to his current activities in the Theater, in his business ventures, and his leadership in various camp reunion groups. Paul is a pleasure to know and work with, and I rarely miss an opportunity to interact with him. 

By George Lamm, Secretary, Camp Waupaca Reunion Group

 I hope that these simple explanations will provide you with some ammunition against malicious slander. Let me know if you need more information as I pray that you all know by now that I am totally committed to my work. If in doubt, PLEASE call or e-mail me with questions. or (312) 550-7868.

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